Tidens Brus in English

Tidens Brus is a music project that places traditional Aland songs in a contemporary musical context without compromising with tradition. Good music stands the test of time!

We have a special interest for shanties and sea songs that have been sung onboard the sailing ships. These songs are veritable ”time machines”, they give us a unique glimpse into the life on board and the thoughts of the old times. We perform these songs in the following setting: Marianne Häggblom, Kim Hansson, Kjell Frisk and Catherine Frisk Grönberg, four completely different voices. We have performed in a couple of countries including festivals in Ireland, Great Britain, The Netherlands and at our own Baltic Shanty Festival.

In the summer of 2018 (29 June – 1 July) we will again host the Baltic Shanty Festival in Mariehamn, Aland Islands, Finland. 250 shanty performers will take part in the event!

Tidens Brus will, of course, be one of the key local actors as well as organizers and as performers.


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